Real Name

Jane Doe

Place of Birth

Rifleman Bank Station, South Chinesse Sea

Current residence

The Moon


I am a princess of Deus Ex, a Damsel-in-Distress from Apocalypse Inside and the fiancée of Tantalus.


Designation: 088/018-710—————————————–Sex: FEthnicity: IC1—————————————–Origin: Rifleman Bank StationAssociations: noneAdditional:* Generic ID given- Jane Doe-v0430, b. 2020* Born on premises. Mother (ID unconfirmed) was in her second trimester at the time of capture.—————————————–Procedures:* Med. History interview reveals no counter-indications- Biological mother successfully transformed to an OCM node, transferred to Panchaea.* Preliminary examination- Blood Type: A-neg- Biopsy indicates genetic markers well within acceptable values* Subject underwent Procedure at 5 y.o. While not suitable for on-site use, the subject shows excellent benchmarks on the local OCM network. No Mindcrash occurred since May 2031.Suggest transfer to Omega Ranch when Subject reached 16 years of age.—————————————–Status: Escaped Rifleman Bank Station Belltower base on 08/15/2035 with help of Tantalus

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